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7T Maize Mill Machine
7T Maize Mill Machine

Maize flour,as one of the main ingredients for food making,is even popular in African countries especially for East and South Africa.Ugali,Nishima,Fufu,Sandza are famous staple food in Africa,when eat with stew,meat and vegetable,you won't forget the nice flavor the whole day.

Therefore,the maize mill machine is widely need in the market for commercial purpose.This Semi-auto pneumatic maize mill includes feeding,milling,sifting and bagging part.The plant includes 6F2240 roller mill,dedusting filter,tapered flour sifter,cyclones and pipes, air locks, pneumatic fan and accessories.

Capacity of the plant is 300-350kg/h equals 7 to 8 tons per day,which realizes wind force carrying material and circulate milling, it is steady,compact and easy to operate.
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