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Product Details
Sugar Beans Industrial Vacuum Cooking Pot
Sugar Beans Industrial Vacuum Cooking Pot speed up cooking and prevent discoloration and flavor loss by causing evaporation to occur at lower temperatures than normal. Pressure Cookers and Vacuum Cooking Pot are mainly used for jams, jellies, and other preserves.
Big Capacity Industrial High Pressure Vacuum Cooking Pot For Cookig Hard Bone Soup Making Candied Fruits
Sugar Beans Industrial Vacuum Cooking Kettles can use steam, electric or gas for heating. Some kettles have different kinds of internal agitation or no agitation at all.
Industrial High Pressure Cookers are ideal for cooking and stewing meat, vegetables, legumes and cereals.
The vacuum cooking kettle machine is sealed very well to reduce work load of vacuum pump. It is designed with automatic temperature control and automatic pump operation. With setting up the cooking time, the whole process can be run automatically, saving time for operators to do other works.

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