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13x molecular sieve 1.7-2.5mm in LPG gas

Product Details
13x molecular sieve 1.7-2.5mm in LPG gas
13X type molecular sieve, also called NaX or NaA type molecular sieve,is one type of alumino silicate crystal with average pores measuring of 9angstrom(0.9nm).It has good mass transfer rates. And is commonly used to separate nitrogen from oxygen.

Chemical Molecular Formula:
Na2O·Al2O3·(2.8±0.2) SiO2·(6~7)H2O. (SiO2:Al2O3≈2.6-3.0).

Technical Parameter:

Bulk densityg/ml≥0.64≥0.64≥0.61 ≥0.61
Crushing strengthN/pce≥30.0≥70.0≥30.0≥50.0
Size ratio up to gradewt%≥98.0≥98.0≥96.0≥96.0
Static H2O adsorptionwt%≥25≥25≥25≥25
Static CO2 adsorption wt%≥17.0≥17.0≥17.0≥17.0
Package Moisture wt%≤1.5≤1.5≤1.5≤1.5
Wear ratiowt%≤0.2≤0.2≤0.40≤0.40

● Remove CO2 and moisture,gas purification in air separation unit.
● Drying and desulfurization of natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, and liquid hydrocarbons.
● Deeply drying for general gas
● Bulk industrial oxygen in PSA units.
● Desulfurization (sweetening) of natural gas and other fluids
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