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Egyptian Valencia Orange

Product Details
Egyptian Valencia Orange
Egyptian Valencia Orange
Egyptian Valencia Orange
Egyptian Valencia Orange
Egyptian Valencia Orange
Valencia orange is a summer Citrus orange, Valued for its high juice content and availability outside of the typical citrus season, Valencia oranges are usually thin-skinned and have a few seeds. They are considered one of the best oranges for juicing.
Egyptian Valencia Orange in brief; Most widely grown oranges vary in Egypt under a set of standards for round oranges in terms of color, sweetness, and juicing characters.
it’s the most required Orange type all over the world for eat & juice purposes.
Fresh Zone has its own farms which grow the best types of Valencia oranges in Egypt, which allow us to give the most acceptable features of Valencia Orange into the selling market.
Our especially juicy Valencia oranges product details as below
Availability: Starts first week of January through June
Sizes: 40-48-56-64-72-80-88-100-113-125 counts
Packaging: 15kg telescopic carton, 15kg open top carton
Brix : +9.5 %
Our Sorting Levels
Premium Quality which Blemishes free , Defects free
Euro Class 1
Class 2
Industrial Quality ( For Juice Manufacturing only )
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