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ASTM B265 titanium plate
ASTM B265 titanium plate
ASTM B265 titanium plate
ASTM B265 titanium plate
ASTM B265 titanium plate
Titanium and titanium alloys are characterized by light weight, only half of steel, high strength, strong heat resistance, low temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. They are called "future metals". Pure titanium has plasticity, and the elongation of high-purity titanium can reach 50-60%, but the strength and hardness of pure titanium are lower than those of titanium alloy. Titanium alloy is achieved by strictly controlling the appropriate impurity content and adding alloy elements. The impurities in titanium have a great impact on its mechanical properties, especially oxygen, nitrogen, carbon and other elements can greatly improve the strength of titanium, but the plasticity will be reduced, and titanium alloy has good mechanical properties.

ASTM B265 titanium plate technical information

Gr 1,Gr 2,Gr 3,Gr 4,Gr 5,Gr 7,Gr 9,Gr 11,Gr 12


Forged & rolling processing

Dimension Thk.0.03-0.5 X coil / ≦200mm
Thk.0.8-2 X 1000 X ≦3000mm
Thk.3.0-5.0 X 1250 X ≦200mm
Thk.6.0-50 X 2500 X /≦7000mm

Product Statussurface polishing and chamfering,The surface shall be clean and smooth without peeling, pores, cracks and other defects.

TypePlate & roll
Product qualificationsCertificate issued by Authorities qualified third-party including Bao Ti & northwest institute for non-ferrous metals research.

Application In aviation and aerospace industries, industrial and consumer products such as chemical industry, petroleum, metallurgy, power generation, tableware, clocks and watches, jewelry etc.
Featurelow density, high strength, strong corrosion resistance

TestsPhysical property test, hardness test, chemical composition test,Ultrasonic testing, penetrant testing, appearance testing.

Deliver,shipping and serving.

DHL airfreight & by sea transport according to cargo quantities
All Chinese seaports (preferable Shanghai)

1. How can we know the quality system of your ASTM B265 titanium plate ?
Firstly,we can send you a samples for your test, Secondly, We will take all products fully inspected before shipping and finally we have signed international trade insurance , your payment will be 100% refund if any quality problems occurred.
2.How long to take for delivery?
Case varied,depends on the dimension the products you ordered and the quantities,but normally 5-7 days.
3.Can we pay after receive the products?
Normally not,we prefer T/T terms at the beginning, but after we have had good cooperation then we would like to take your requirement into our consideration.

Our company & factory .

JFTI has production plant and finished product material warehouse are about 6000 square meters, with more than 10 sets of professional imported processing equipment, including 4500 ton and 1600 ton fast forging unit equipment, cold and hot finishing mill, finishing forging machine, coil leveling machine, cylindrical grinder, seven roll straightener, industrial electric furnace, annealing furnace, etc. At present, the company has R & D department, technology department, production department, sales department, foreign trade department, quality inspection department, etc. There are 10 professional technicians and more than 30 production workers.
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