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FRP Fiberglass roofing sheet price

Product Details
FRP Fiberglass roofing sheet price
FRP Fiberglass roofing sheet price
FRP Fiberglass roofing sheet price
Material: High-performance polyester film, unsaturated polyester resin, fiberglass roving and mat
Width: No more than 1500mm
Thickness: 0.6-5mm
Length: 5800mm, 11800mm or customized
Color: Clear, Blue, Green, Red,Opal or customized

FPR day-lighting board is a daylighting material used with steel structure. It is mainly composed of high-performance coating, reinforced polyester and glass fiber. Among them, the upper film should play a very good anti-ultraviolet and anti-static effect. Because of its stable quality, it is well received by customers. The product can be widely used in industrial/commercial/civil building roofs and walls.

Features are as follows:
1. It has the characteristics of good shatter resistance, easy cleaning, acid and alkali resistance, and easy installation.
2. The product lighting light is astigmatic, the light is soft, the light transmittance is maintained high, and most of the ultraviolet rays can be blocked
3. The product is a flammable material.When a fire occurs, it can quickly burn out the dense smoke in the room, which can reduce the casualties of the fire, and the product does not produce droplets during the combustion process, which can protect the safety of the on-site personnel
4. It maintains stable performance in the temperature range of -40°C to 120°C without high temperature softening and high cold embrittlement; it can also be designed as a double-layer structure with better heat preservation effect, especially suitable for winter production in farms in severe cold areas in the north.
5. Shatter resistance, super impact resistance, can block the impact of wind, snow and hail, avoiding nail hole expansion and water leakage.
6. It has corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and is suitable for roofing of chemical workshops, such as fertilizer plants, electroplating plants, etc.
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