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Gr2 ASTM B348 titanium bar

Product Details
Gr2 ASTM B348 titanium bar
Gr2 ASTM B348 titanium bar
Gr2 ASTM B348 titanium bar
Gr2 ASTM B348 titanium bar
Gr2 ASTM B348 titanium bar is part of pure titanium bar with high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, good biocompatibility and high temperature performance.

The characteristics of Gr2 ASTM B348 titanium bar are: high strength, good plasticity, easy processing, forming, stamping, welding and machine-ability, and good machine-ability; It has good corrosion resistance in atmosphere, seawater, wet chlorine and oxidizing, neutral and weak reducing media, and its oxidation resistance is better than most austenitic stainless steels; However, the heat resistance is poor and the service temperature should not be too high.

Grade: Gr1,Gr2,Gr3,Gr4.
Standard: ASTM B348,ASME SB348,ASTM F67,ASTM F136,ISO-5832-2,ISO5832-3,AMS 4928...
Diameter: Dia.Ø 4mm-250mm length: 100mm-6000mm
Qualification: Certificate issued by Authorities qualified third-party including Bao Ti & northwest institute for non-ferrous metals research.

Product feature and application.

Gr2 ASTM B348 titanium bar is mainly used for stamping parts and corrosion-resistant structural parts with working temperature below 350 ℃ and little stress, but good plasticity is required, such as aircraft skeleton, skin and engine accessories; Seawater corrosion resistant pipes, valves, pumps, hydrofoils and seawater desalination system parts for ships; Heat exchanger, pump body, distillation tower, cooler, agitator, tee joint, impeller, fastener, ion pump, compressor air valve, diesel engine piston, connecting rod, leaf spring, etc
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