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Portal Steel Frame
Portal Steel Frame

Portal steel frame is a traditional structural system. The upper main frame of this type of structure includes steel frame inclined beams, steel frame columns, supports, purlins, tie rods, gable frames, etc. The steel structure of the portal steel frame light house has the characteristics of simple force, clear force transmission path, fast component production, easy factory processing, short construction period, etc., so it is widely used in industrial and civil buildings such as industrial, commercial, cultural and entertainment public facilities in. The steel structure of the portal steel frame light house originated in the United States and has experienced nearly a hundred years of development. It has now become a structural system with relatively complete design, production and construction standards.

The steel structure of a light-weight house with a portal steel frame is a branch of the light-weight steel structure.

The main features are:

Reflecting the characteristics of light weight, fast and high efficiency of light steel structure, using new energy-saving and environmentally-friendly building materials, realizing factory processing and manufacturing, on-site construction and assembly, convenient and fast, and saving construction period; strong and durable structure, novel and beautiful building appearance, high quality and reasonable price , Economic benefits are obvious; the size of the column network is free and flexible, which can meet the construction and use requirements under different climatic and environmental conditions

The main application scope of the steel structure of the portal steel frame light house, including single-storey industrial and construction workshops, civil construction supermarkets and exhibition halls, warehouses, and various types of warehouse-style industrial and civil buildings, are its strong competitive areas. , There are broad market application prospects.
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