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Product Details
ECO Concrete Rebound Hammer
ECO Concrete Rebound Hammer
ECO Concrete Rebound Hammer
It applicable to detect strength of high-rise building components, Bridges and concrete member (plate, beam, column, bridge). Usually suit to concrete from C50 to C100. According to the standard acceptance evaluation of concrete strength.


1. Center rod is made from imported material, high accuracy and durable resistance.

2. Pointer slider is outside structure, its friction can be balance well and easy to be adjusted so that we can make sure that the instrument is accurate. Compared with other suppliers in the line of business, the product is more accuracy, good quality, and best price and longer use life.

STANDARD: ASTM C 805, BS 1881:202, NF P18-417, DIN 1048 AND UNI 9189
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