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Liquid Fluorescent Brightener ER-2

Product Details
Liquid Fluorescent Brightener ER-2
Technical Index:
Appearance: Slight yellowish slurry liquid
Shade: Blue-violet light
PH value: 5-7
Granularity: under 2µ≥99%
Ionicity: non-ionic

Application & Characteristic:
ER-2 is mainly suitable for whitening and brightening polyester, polyester cotton, polyester silk, polyester linen and other fabrics. It is most suitable for low-temperature dip dyeing, as well as pad dyeing and high-temperature and high-pressure dip dyeing.

ER-2 has high whiteness, strong fluorescence, low dosage, low dyeing temperature, and can reduce production costs; it does not contain 24 kinds of aromatic amines, formaldehyde, APEO that are banned internationally, and is non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, safe to use, and environmentally friendly.
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