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Product Details
Advanced Teeth Whitening Strips
Advanced Teeth Whitening Strips
Product description of Amazon Dental Teeth Whitening Strips:
Non-peroxide for hydrogen peroxide limited markets; moderate formula that fits all users; double flexible gel teeth lightening strips with mint flavour.
No chemical odours and also no excitement.
Secured Box with 14 mini pouches, and each with 2 strips (top and also lower) Overall of 28 strips enough for 14 daily applications.
Remain energetic and happen with your day while lightening-- a 30-minute session each day will certainly have terrific impact.
Remarkably bleach your teeth in just 2 week-- Results start showing on the very first application.
Onuge Personal Care (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd is a professional organization that specializes in researches of oral chromatics, as well as the development and manufacturing of oral care products. With its strong development capacity of biotechnology and integrates scientific research, production, strategic planning and brand management, Onuge’s oral care series have been produced carefully under rigorous scientific researches and strict control. Furthermore, with advanced production technology and equipment, our products reaches perfect unity and achieve the level of international quality, taste and individualization with high standards.
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