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Polarizing film Optical Absorption Axis Measuring instrument (Ref : OI-OAM )

Product Details
Polarizing film Optical Absorption Axis Measuring instrument (Ref : OI-OAM )
Equipment function
This measuring instrument is designed for detecting the absorption axis angle of polarizing film. It supports both single measurement and multiple continuous measurement .
1.Measuring results display in real time ;
available data management : data autosave, data query , data analysis , data report export ;
2.Adopt extremely high-resolution imported motor , which ensures the measurement accuracy ;
3.The sample carrier is automatically positioned during measurement. No additional human operation is needed . Thus guarantee high repeat accuracy ;
4.Operators manually place the polarizing film;
Application area
Optical film
Whole size424mm(length)*304mm(width)*558mm(height)
Measuring angle range0°- 180°
Measuring 15s/pcs
Detecting Accuracy±0.05°
Power supply AC220 V 50Hz
Loading method Manually place Optical film
Sample Positioning method Automatic positioning(magnets )
Data outputUSB kit
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