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YOYIK® Rubber bladder NXQ-A-40/31.5-L-EH

Product Details
YOYIK® Rubber bladder NXQ-A-40/31.5-L-EH
"YOYIK® Rubber bladder NXQ-A-40/31.5-L-EH is an exclusive product for power units offered by Yoyik. Dongfang Yoyik Engineering Co., Ltd mainly provides hydraulic components, spare parts of power units, mechanical parts processing and so on. We have spare parts, components, replacements for generators, boiler, turbines and hydroturbines.
Accumulator bladder NXQ A 10/31.5
profile seal 492/480*7.06
servo valve SM4-40 (40)151-80/40-10-S205
vacuum pump rear end cap P-1745
AST solenoid valve HQ16.21Z
EH oil main pump inlet metal hose RT08-50-400
sealing oil Re-Circulating pump coupling HSNH280-43NZ
servo valve J761-003
Filter element of Air filter nozzle oil pump day HFO 300m³ SDSGLQ-68T-40
hand valve Z41H-63 DN50
vacuum pump 30SPEN
Moog servo valve G761-3605B
jacking oil pump PV29-2R5D-C00
seal sleeve lock nut FK5C32AM-03-02
AST solenoid valve HQ16.21Z
Filter Element LH0160D020BN3HC
solenoid valve 22FDA-K2T-W220R-20/LV
Filter element SDSGLQ-120T-40
accumulator NXQ-A-40/31.5-F-Y
oil filtering pump C9202024A
gasket 03506-300/311/415 part no.:93
servo valve DJSV-001A
Seal Oil Stop Valve JC65-1.6P
EH oil main pump oil seal W.26.A.0196
servo valve J761-002
Pressure Differential Transmitter 3051CD3A22A1AB4M5D4HR5 0~248KPa
solenoid valve D1VW020HVZP91XB510
switch valve M765-008000A
AST solenoid valve C9206013
OPC solenoid valve Z2804076
Gasket of Bellows Globe Valve KHWJ10F-1.6P
mechanical seal YCZ50-250C
Trolley motor YPBF355M2-6
vacuum pump spring bracket P-545
stator cooling water pump O-ring YCZ50-250C
solenoid 22FDA-F5T-W220R-20/LBO
AST solenoid valve HQ16.18Z
Bladder for Accumulator NXQ-A-40/31.5-F-Y
Electrohydraulic Servo Valve DEC21NF230N
DC Emergency pump 125LY-32
o-ring 1520X5.3
servo valve 761K4122B
AST/OPC solenoid valve coil 300AA00126A
SEAL KIT NXQ-A-25/31.5
Rubber bladder NXQ-A-40/31.5-L-EH

Rubber bladder NXQ-A-40/31.5-L-EH
Deyang Dongfang Yoyik Engnieering Co;Ltd are Qualified Supplier of DFEM, DEC, and DBC. We are specialized in manufacturing the spare parts for Power plants, including Steam turbines, Generators, Hydro turbines, Hydro generators ,Babbitt bearings, Fluorine plastic bearing pads, Filters, Filter elements, Hydraulic valves, Hydraulic pumps, EHC, TSI, MEH, DCS, Excitation system, Hydrogen oil water system, Sealing compounds, Detachable brush holder, Coolers, Insulation materials,Repairing electric motors, etc.
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