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Product Details
General Description

BLR/DAS Burn-Out Filter Drier are used in the suction line to clean up refrigeration and air conditioning systems with flourinated refrigerants after a compressor motor burn-out.
The solid core, which is composed of 70% activated alumina and 30% Molecular Sieve, adsorbs harmful acids as well as moisture. By adsorbing these acids, the BLR/DAS burn-out filter drier protects the new compressor against failure.

◆2 Schraeder access valves to measure pressure drop across the drier
◆Available in sizes from 8 to 60 cubic inches
◆Available with flare and solder (pure copper) connections
◆120 mesh wire mesh provides solid particle retention with minimal pressure drop
◆Allows installation with any orientation provided the flow is in the arrow direction
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