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LBP R600a Refrigeration Compressor
LBP R600a Refrigeration Compressor
* Do not remove the rubber plug before installing the compressor to prevent dirt and moisture from entering.
* The compressor must not be tilted or inverted when stored, transported or installed, while avoiding impact.
* When the compressor is working, it is inclined by no more than 5° from the horizontal state.
* In order to ensure the system pressure balance, the compressor running time must not be less than 4 minutes.
* The compressor cannot withstand high pressure or start and run under vacuum conditions. The system cannot be
vacuumed with a compressor.
* The design of the refrigeration system should fully consider the oil return of the system.
* The operating temperature of the compressor should not be higher than 43 °C. At maximum room temperature (43 ° C),
continuous operation, condensing pressure and maximum peak pressure should not exceed the following values.
* The compressor should be stored in a dry place.
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