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Product Details
Surface Stress Meter for Tempered Glass (REF. ASM-200-FAP)
The surface stress meter ( Ref. ASM-200-FAP)measures surface stress of tempered glass and the depth of the stress layer according to photoelastic technology by letting light spread along the glass surface. This machine is equipped with a PC, which can reduce measurement errors caused by the operators . Moreover, it is more convenient for the management of testing data. Thickness Gauge is optional to improve the measurement efficiency.

① advanced non-destructive testing method : Photoelastic analysis Refractormeter
② determination of qualified or unqualified (OK/NG ) according to operators’ setting( in continuous testing mode )
③ quantity accumulation of OK and NG samples automatically
④ offer master piece to achieve self-calibration at any time
⑤ automated testing to ensure detecting accuracy and stability
⑥ Data saved by PC to facilitate data analysis, providing guide for quality control
⑦ Optional single testing mode to save testing time
⑧ Recommended manual testing mode when samples are not in good tempered condition
⑨ Led Lamp with 10,000 hours serving time
⑩ automatic dripping device and automatic suction device controlled by specific software has been integrated into the body to save installation space

Stress Measurement Range (Mpa) 0-1000
Stress Measurement Accuracy (Mpa)±20
Depth Measurement Range (μm)5-50
Depth Measurement Accuracy (μm)±0.2μm
Measurement Objectchemically tempered glass
Min detecting objects (mm)12*7
Light sourceSpecial LED
Wave length (nm)590±10
IR of Prism1.72
PCspecial OS
Analysis softwareeach designed for Corning Gorilla Glass 3 , Glass 4
PowerAC220V 3A
Air Source (Mpa)1(clean air)
Measuring Head size300×600×250mm
Measuring Head Weight (Kg)14
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