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Health Care Magnetic Therapy Tourmaline Far Infrared Ball for Mattress

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Health Care Magnetic Therapy Tourmaline Far Infrared Ball for Mattress
The far infrared ceramic ball is a special ceramic material that can radiate specific wave infrared rays. It is made of various natural minerals such as tourmaline, far infrared powder, kaolin, etc. It is sintered by 1200 Degree℃ and becomes the Far infrared energy ceramic ball.
The far infrared ceramic ball can release a weak electric current in the process of treating water, although this is a very weak current (0.06 mA), it’s the same with the body's biological, which have a beneficial impact on human and other organisms, it has effective adsorption of lead (Pb + +) Chromium (Cr + +) and other toxic heavy metals.

This ball emitting far-infrared rays, the stone will emit far-infrared ways with a wavelength of 8-15um. It has a good function on the human body. Due to the far-infrared ray is close to the molecular vibration frequency of human body cells, it could cause the resonance of atoms and molecules inside human body cells. it will accelerate the temperature of the subcutaneous deep layer to rising and made the microvascular dilate, accelerate blood circulation. It is conducive to removing the accumulation of blood vessels and harmful substances in the body, reactivating the tissue, promoting the formation of enzymes, and achieving the purpose of activating tissue cells, preventing aging, strengthening the ability of the immune system.
The far infrared ceramic ball can improve the balancing of blood pressure and blood sugar, increase oxygen and nutrient in your cells. As a result, this far-infrared ray ceramic ball can increase muscle strength, vitality, and mental stability. Natural wavelengths of far infrared light are essential for bone growth as well as preventing osteoporosis, regulating hormonal functions, and boosting your immune system.
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