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Lanlang new UVC LED water filter faucet

Product Details
Lanlang new UVC LED water filter faucet
Lanlang® UVC LED disinfection faucet can be used with reverse osmosis or water filter under the sink, and can be used as the last line of defense for your family's drinking water health. After testing by SGS and other well-known universities and organizations, the tap can kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, such as E. coli.

Features & Benefits
Provides 2.5 liters per minute (0.7 gallons)
High-quality 304 Stainless Steel material body casing
Chemical-free, mercury-free Point-of-Use system for RVs, camper vans kitchens or other places
Provide applicable national standard plugs like UK, EU, US, AU, etc.
The single UVC LED work life is over 1500 hours. According to 20 minutes' daily using time, it can effective disinfection for more than 8 years.

More Information:
Body Material : SUS304
Size : 394x145x40mm
Flow Rate : 0.66GPM
Water Volume : 180,000L
Operation Temperature : 5-45℃
Max water pressure resistance : 1.0MPa
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