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Outdoor sports hydrogen alkaline water bottle

Product Details
Outdoor sports hydrogen alkaline water bottle
Lanlang®’s new healthy alkaline water bottle includes two styles, transparent and frosted, all options can be customized: color, capacity, OEM, etc.

Features & Benefits
Alkaline water: pH 7~9+, keeping our bodies in alkaline state, boost immunity;
Antioxidant water: ORP -150~-300mv, keeps body and skin young;
Mineral water: Release beneficial minerals such as Ka, Ca, Mg, Zn, etc;
Safety water: Antibacterial effect>96%
Easy water: Smaller molecular water, easier to absorb
Tasty water: Improve the taste and make the water fresher

More Information:
Body Material: BPA Free
Filter Media: Lanlang SGS tested Nature Stone Media
Life Time: 120 days (based on 3 bottles daily consumption)
OEM: Available
Capacity and color options: Available
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