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UV disinfection faucet for kitchen drinking water

Product Details
UV disinfection faucet for kitchen drinking water
The Ultraviolet (UV) method of water disinfection and sanitizing is ideal for many applications as nothing is added to the water (Ultraviolet is SAFE CHEMICAL FREE water disinfection).

Advantages of UV Disinfection Faucet
Provides 2.5 liters per minute (0.7 gallons)
180,000 liters of water dispensed in its lifetime (last up depending on usage)
High-quality 304 Stainless Steel material body casing
Chemical-free, mercury-free Point-of-Use system for RVs, camper vans kitchens or other places

More Information:
Body Material: SUS304
Size: 394x145x40mm
Flow Rate: 0.66GPM
Water Volume: 180,000L
Operation Temperature: 5-45℃
Max water pressure resistance: 1.0MPa
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