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Eco friendly outdoor water bottle filter purifier system

Product Details
Eco friendly outdoor water bottle filter purifier system
Lanlang® water filter bottle give you the ultimate protection, removing 99.99% of protozoa, bacteria and VIRUS. Turn dodgy tap water, questionable bottled water or even dirty water from rivers, lakes and puddles into safe, drinkable water instantly. Ideal for everything from traveling, backpacking, trekking, hiking, camping and overlanding to emergency prepping.

Stage 4 filter media in water purifier bottle
1. High-precision PP cotton - Absorb sand, dust, rust and suspended solids in water.
2. High-quality activated carbon particles - remove peculiar smell, improve water quality and taste.
3. Antibacterial ball -remove residual chlorine in water, filter 99% of pathogenic bacteria, inhibit microbial reproduction.
4. UF membrane - removing harmful substance. It could remove almost over 99.9% of rusts, sediments, colloids, bacteria, virus and small particles from tap water, and retain the beneficial trace element minerals.

More information
Product Size: 23cm*8cm
Capacity: 22 oz/ 650ml
Color: Blue/purple/black
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