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Alkaline water filter pouch for any container

Product Details
Alkaline water filter pouch for any container
Our water filter comes in a pouch form which enables you to take it on the go. Now you don’t have to worry about bringing enough clean water with you when you leave your house. Its simplicity and ease allow you to just drop it into a water bottle, jug, pitcher, or any other water container so you can have CLEAN, HEALTHY, and SAFE ionized alkaline water in minutes.

Benefits from Drinking Alkaline & Energy pouch :
Alkaline Water : pH 7~9+, restore PH balance in your body,state will boost immunity
Antioxidant Water : ORP -100 ~ -300mv, effectively delay aging
Hydrogen-rich Water : H+ 700 ~ 1000, remove toxins and waste from the human body
Healthy Water : Removes Chlorine
You can use the pouch in any container from a gallon jug to your favorite water bottle

More information
Product Size: 5.3cm*12.8cm*2.8cm
Package: 2pieces/Box
Function: Make alkaline water/Improve water taste/Strengthen immunity
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