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Product Details
Mineral Cartridge to Raise the pH of Water
In-line mineralizing cartridge is ideal for post treatment to an RO system. Lanlang alkaline mineral filter enriches water with essential minerals including calcium and magnesium, providing fresh pH-balanced alkaline drinking water for the home.

Our advantage
1. ALK+ is very competitive to help you expand your local market of water filter systems and water vendors.
2. Lanlang's professional R&D team has passed long-term market research and experimental testing
3. Have 6,000L life time replacement cycle , same as RO Membranes
4. Materials strictly tested or certified by WQA, SGS, NSF, InterTek

More information
1.Size : Accept customer customization
2.Filter media : Ceramic balls & Coconut Shell Charcoal Media
3.Burst pressure : 500 PSI
4.Operating temperature : 4~38℃
5.Max.flow : 4 LPM (1 GPM)
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