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Large capacity protable sports alkaline water bottle with straw

Product Details
Large capacity protable sports alkaline water bottle with straw
This sports alkaline water bottle is equipped with a strap, and is automatically sealed to open with one-click, and can be detached without a cover, so consumers can easily carry it around the bottle. It can be used with alkaline water pouches to drink alkaline healthy water anytime, anywhere!

Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water
1. It can regulate the pH of the human body, keeping our bodies in a more alkaline state will boost immunity.
2. Rich-in natural minerals(Ka, Ca, Na, Mg), provide necessary minerals to the human body.
3. The purified water has low ORP, strong antioxidant ability, women drinking alkaline water can effectively delay aging,effectively prevent the skin from sagging, and make the skin more elastic.
4. The filtered water has much hydrogen, drinking rich hydrogen water regularly can remove toxins and waste from the human body and enhance personal immunity.
5. Drinking regularly can also Loosen bowel to relieve constipation

More information
Capacity : 1000ml / 1500ml
Size : 290*75 mm / 287*99 mm
Material : BPA Free
Color : Gradient red/purple/black/blue
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