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Long-Effective Alkaline Antioxidant Water Filter Cartridge

Product Details
Long-Effective Alkaline Antioxidant Water Filter Cartridge
Lanlang® ALK+ alkaline antioxidant water filter is an inline cartridge for reverse osmosis systems with a various of ceramic balls and coconut shell charcoal media. ALK+ filter is capable of
increasing the pH value after RO system up to 8.5~9.5,
reducing the ORP value reach to -150mV ~ -300mV,
improve the odor and taste.
ALK+ filter releases lost minerals such as ionized calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium ion from the RO process and restores these minerals back into the pure water. Typically installed with RO systems to complement their absolute filtration quality.
ALK+ is very competitive to help you expand your local market of household water filter industry.

Benefits of Lanlang ALK+ alkaline antioxidant water filter:
1. Cost Saving: Comparing price with top-brand filter analogues, ALK+ saves 30-50% your money
2. Long Lifetime: 6,000L life time, supporting long replacement cycle, same as RO Membranes'
3. Safety Consideration: Materials strictly tested or certified by SGS, NSF, Intertek
4. Agent Favorable: Welcome to join with Lanlang as ALK+ area agents. You will enjoy lots of favorable terms
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