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Brown Fused Alumina Powder for Abrasives and Refractory #60

Product Details
Brown Fused Alumina Powder for Abrasives and Refractory #60
Brown Fused Alumina Powder, Brown Corundum, Mesh Number #60
Product Name:Brown Fused AluminaChemical Name: Brown Corundum
Chemical Formula:AL2O3Grade:Technical
CAS No.:1344-28-1Density3.5-3.9g/cm3
EINECS No.:215-691-6UN No.:N/A
HS Code:2818101000Pacakge: PP BAGS
Appearance:Powder or GranuleTest method:GB 2090-2007
Application: Used as refractory material, heat preservation material
Standard Specification
Typical Data
1.Brown fused alumina is suitable for making ceramic and resin bonded abrasive tools, used for grinding metals of high-tensile strength, such as carbon steel, general purpose alloy steel, malleable cast-iron and hard bronze etc. 
2. It's widely used as surface preparation abrasive, cleaning, grinding, polishing of various metals, glass, rubber, mould industries. 
3. It also can be used as refractory material.
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