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20 Litre PET Water Jar & Dispenser s

Product Details
20 Litre PET Water Jar & Dispenser s
A 20 litre PET Water Jar & Dispenser offers any workplace an unlimited supply of safe drinking water by plumbing into your existing supply. So, Bottled jar water are an alternative way to provide instantly filtered water to your staff. Users can place a cup, bottle or jug beneath the faucet, then push a lever to fill their glass. Some kind of High End electrical PET water Jar & dispenser include a refrigerator mechanism that cools your drinking water supply to a cold or ice-cold temperature before delivery. The features extend beyond cooling to heating, filtration, even carbonation of the water supply. Depending on the model suited to your workplace.

20 litre PET Water Jar & Dispenser is widely used in Nepal. Water dispensers are designed to suit offices, healthcare facilities, and university campuses alike. With its excellent material properties, It is one of the most suitable materials for the packaging of natural mineral and spring water in Nepal.

Some of its most important properties include its resistance to water, its high strength to weight ratio and the fact that it is virtually shatterproof.

-Hygienic and resistant to microbial attacks.
-Non-toxic and non-reactive to food and drinks.
-Built in moisture barrier.
-Not biodegradable. Will not break down in storage.
-Strong and lightweight, making it easy to transport.

Our dispensers need little more than for users to press a button or push a lever to fill
their glass. At General Plastic Industries we provide strong & High Quality PET water Jars and dispenser which can last long to provide continuous supply of fresh water in your homes and offices.

List of water jar & Dispenser with their Respective storage Sizes and Neck Size.

Neck Size Capacity(ml) Purpose
120MM 10000 Dispenser
55MM 20000 20ltr Bottle, 5 Gallon Bottle
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