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Product Details
Wax injection machine
Wax injection machine
Wax injection machine
FUGE wax injection machine is special designed for producing small size, high precision and complicated wax patterns in the investment casting process. Our wax injection machine was widely used in aerospace investment casting and high end precision casting area.

FUGE wax injection machine features :
Advanced Control System:
Independent temperature control partitions(control temperature for wax of partitions);Accurate wax flow and Injection Pressure.
Convenience : Maximum memory is 50 sets parameters .
Safety : Auto alarm system to fix faults in time.

2ConstructionDouble Station/PillarsSingle
Station /C typeSingle
Station /C typeSingle
Station /C type
3Clamp Force10 ton9-25 ton9-50 ton100 ton
4Wax Reservoir Capacity113L113L113L113L
5Single Shot Capacity1.2 L/station0~2.5 L0~6.5 L0~6.5
6Injection Pressure3.5 – 70 bar3.5 – 70 bar3.5 – 70 bar3.5 – 70 bar
7Electrical Standard380V±10%,
50±2Hz, 3ph380V±10%,
50±2Hz, 3ph380V±10%,
50±2Hz, 3ph380V±10%,
50±2Hz, 3ph
8Power19.5 KVA14.5 KVA14.5 KVA17 KVA
9Air requirement5.3 bar5.3 bar5.3 bar5.3 bar
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