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Vetiver oil is essential oil which is obtained in the course of steam distillation of washed, chapped, dried and soaked roots and rootlets of Chyrosopogen zizaniodes leaves which belongs to Poaceae family or Gramineae grasses of Plantae kingdom. Vetiver is a perennial grass which is indigenous to India and is generally known as Khus. Essential Vetiver grass grows in wide clumps and clusters having tall stem with long, thin and rigid leaves. Oil prepared from crucial aromatic grass has earthy, musty odor which resembles with damp forest floor. Its color ranges from amber to olive and has thick.

Strong and earthy Vetiver oil is restorative and revitalizing. It has powerful grounding and reassuring effect that helps in relieving stress, anxiety . Deep and dark resinous Vetiver oil is full of mysterious energies that supports and offers power that resonates deeply in side to serene the most rampant fears and misgivings. The essential oil strengthens immune system and acts as a circulatory stimulant; it warms and balances mind, Vetiver essential oil assists in dealing with constipation, insomnia, nervousness, restlessness and worrie
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