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Thuja oil is extracted from fresh leaves and twigs of cedar tree by means of steam distillation. Commonly, Thuja oil is also known as Tree of life, White cedar oil, yellow cedar oil or American cedar oil. Sturdy evergreen coniferous tree of Thuja or cedar tree belongs to cypress botanical family of Cupressaceae and is identified as Thuja occidentalis. Cedar leaf oil or Thuja oil has sweet, strong and pleasing smell that resembles with camphor. It gives colorless appearance to clear yellow. Hardy tree has dense scale like foliages which are waxy in touch and scented.

Thuja oil is enriched with numerous therapeutic and medicinal properties. It is anti- rheumatic, astringent, vermifuge, insect repellent,diuretic, emmenagogue, expectorant, rubefacient and nervine, heart. Thuja essential oil is used externally to cure swollen feet and burns.It is mixed in steam to have steam bath which helps in getting relief from arthritis pains and rheumatic. Tincture of oil is used topically to treat warts, venereal warts,gonorrhea, syphilis, piles, ulcers, bad sores and fungal. Thuja essential oil is excellent remedy for cancer suffering patients.
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