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Cubeb is a plant, mainly cultivated in Sumatra and Indonesian Islands of Java. It was taken to Europe via Venetian trade by the Arabs. The botanical name of the plant is Litsae cubeba. This is a plant well-known for its fruits and vital oil. This bright colored shrub is mostly found in tropical regions. The lively green leaves of the plant offer a pleasing citrus smell like lemon. The fruits of the plant are collected before they are completely ripe and then dried. Though the small fruits of the plant resemble like black pepper but have a tail attached to it.

Cubeb oil is used as an antiseptic to treat inflammations, infections and skin rashes. This oil is also considered truly effective in the healing process of urinary infections. It is also used as massage oil for reducing muscular aching and stress.Infections like gleer, Leucorrhoea and gonorrhea are also treated by using cubeb oil. People can use this oil to get relief from some certain symptoms like indigestion, bladder inflammation and constant laryngitis. This oil is also helpful in treating throat infections and hypertension
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