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Lavender Oil is a kind of essential oil that is obtained from flowers spikes of lavender. Two kinds of lavender oils are obtained. One is Lavender flower oil and other is Lavender spike oil. Essential oil from lavender is extracted from Lavendula latifolia herb. This botanic herb is the member of lamiaceae family of Lamiales order. It is perennial herbaceous plant which grows annually and its leaf shapes vary according to different species. It grows in stony and sunny habitat. Lavender Oil has light fresh aroma.

Essential oil of lavender helps in balancing, soothing, clarifying and normalizing as well as moisturizing of dry scalp and hairs. It also helps in skin toning and tanning and is suitable for all skin types. It is a kind of re-generator used for numerous folk medicines which prevents scarring, stretchmarks and wrinkles.Lavender Oil excels in treating stress, helps in calming anxiety driven person, treats depression and migraine headaches. It provides calming effect on people suffering with insomnia. Lavender Oil is also used as vapor rub. It cures colds, coughs, flu,asthma
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