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Oil from grapefruit is extracted by means of cold compression of fresh peels and seeds of essential fruit. It is basically essential oil which has fresh and sharp refreshing fragrance. Oil has water like consistency and ranges from pale yellow to light ruby in color depending on the kind of species of grapefruit used. There are varieties of grapefruit cultivated. The citrus tree attains height of 6 meters. It has evergreen long and thin leaves and produces white color flowers. Grapefruit varies from pink, white, red or ruby in color and its oil has sweet, citrus and pleasing aroma.
Essential grapefruit oil is useful in fighting cellulites and helps in boosting of lymphatic system. It works well with high cholesterol and helps in hardening of arteries, prevents cancer and also cures skin diseases like psoriasis etc. Grapefruit oil is enriched with Vitamin C and hence it is valued for strengthening immune system. It effects positively on obesity and provides protection against colds and flu. Grapefruit oil has diuretic properties which help in removal of excess water from body. It also combats muscles fatigue and stiffness while stimulating lymphatic system and clearing
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