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Geranium Oil is extracted from the leaves of the Geranium plant by using steam distillation method. Geranium plants are inhabitants of South Africa and Reunion, Morocco, Madagascar and Morocco. About 300-500 kg of plants are required in order to extract 1 kg of geranium oil and that’s the reason it is so expensive. The botanical name of the Geranium oil is Palargonium bourbon and it is also known as Pelargonium terebinthinaceum and Geranium terebinthinaceum. Its Latin name is Geranium Bourbon Essential Oil. It is a greenish yellow color liquid that is easily soluble in alcohols and essential.

Geranium oil is effective in allaying feelings of anxiety and stress. It is also used to create balance between dry and oily skin. The oil is also helpful to fight cellulite and the retention of fluids. The smell of the oil is also effective on the mosquitoes and head liceand therefore excellent to ward off mosquitoes as well as head lice.It is also used to relieve convalescence, general fatigue and tiredness. This oil is considered especially useful for eczema, bruises, cuts,burns, frostbite, athlete's foot, hemorrhoids, fungus infections and skin disorders..
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