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Angelica root oil is simply known as Angelica oil. Angelica plant belongs to group of Angelica Archangelica of Umbelliferae family of Planate kingdom. Specifically prepared from roots of water loving herb Angelica, this oil is of great importance. Root oil of Angelica is thin, colorless or pale straw yellow with characteristic aroma. Angelica root oil is insoluble in water but easily blends with most of citrus oil and woody oils like Sandalwood oil, Guaiac wood oil etc. This particular root oil is specially known for its arsenal of therapeutic properties.
Angelica root oil is also marketed as phototoxicoil. Root oil of Angelica is used in the treatment of numerous diseases andhealth related problems.General use of this root oil is in cough andcold and it also helps in the removal of toxins from body through sweat, urineor excretion.Used in the cure of dull skin, gout, psoriasis,water retention and exhaustion; Angelica root oil has extensive uses in Aromatherapy. It also helps in curing patients from stress and anxiety. Thisessential oil is beneficial for troubled abdomen and improper digestive system.
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