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Thermal Insulation Zipper Door
Thermal Insulation Zipper Door

Bast thermal insulation zipper door is a thermal insulation energy-saving internal fast door in the cold chain logistics area, which helps to save energy, reduce air convection and reduce noise. The heating antifreeze device of the cold storage door can ensure that the product runs smoothly and effectively in a low temperature working environment. The control system uses a special Bast motor with an LED display as a man-machine dialogue window. Its practicability and easy operation and low maintenance costs is suitable for low temperature storage.


1.Curtain: the curtain has its own thermal insulation PU foam layer,with a total thickness of 3mm. The curtain blank is about 14mm thick after processing.

2.Sealing: the structural design and application of the top and bottom sealing of the door body can effectively isolate the air pressure convection on both sides of the door body, further strengthen the air tightness, and reach the National Standard Level 3.

3.Wind resistance: the curtain guide parts, curtain and guide rail are closely matched in the door body operation guide system, and the material has strong wear resistance, which ensures the overall wind resistance. The wind resistance grade of the national standard is 8 .

Technical Descriptions

Heating and anti-freezing device: The design and application of the heating mechanism can avoid the freezing of the guide rail due to the heat exchange caused by the frequent operation of the door, and further ensure the stable operation and working efficiency of the door in a low temperature environment. At the same time, you can choose to remove the box equipment according to your needs, to double guarantee the product's working performance in low temperature environment, the working temperature is from minus 1 ° to minus 28 °.

Operating speed: opening speed: the opening speed is up to 0.6-1.2M / S, adjustable.

Closing speed: The closing speed is not lower than 0.6M / S, which can be adjusted.

Track: The track is made of polymer material, and the frame is made of stainless steel SUS304.

Control System

LCD man-machine dialogue interface: it can realize complete and systematic dialogue effect to minimize the maintenance labor cost and efficiency after acceptance and warranty period, and display "door opening", "working time", "operation times" and various operation codes synchronously in daily life;

a. Fast door power-off memory function: when the power is cut off, you can manually operate the switch position of the fast door at will. After the power is turned on, you do not need to adjust the limit position to work directly;

b. Steering setting and identification function: when the phase sequence of 380V power incoming line or the phase sequence from the control box to the motor is wrongly connected, the system will directly report an error,

effectively avoiding major safety accidents caused by negligence during self-maintenance or relocation in the later stage;

c. Effective operation position setting and identification function: when the fast threshold is set, the control system can intelligently identify whether the door body moves in the illegal range. Once the system is identified,it will prompt "abnormal limit" and stop for maintenance before continuing to work. This function is mainly aimed at the brake system failure in the later stage;

d. Permanent no accumulation error: encoder accumulation is the most common and common fault problem of fast gate at present, and full range absolute value limit technology completely avoids this.
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