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Zipper Fast Curtain Door
Zipper Fast Curtain Door
Zipper Fast Curtain Door
Zipper Fast Curtain Door
Zipper Fast Curtain Door
The BAST zipper fast curtain door is designed for indoors. With its unique design, it can provide the best sealing. It takes only a small amount of space to protect your environ- ment from wind, humidity, dust, mosquitoes. At the same time, the zipper fast curtain door has high-speed operation and good insulation and sealing, which can improve the working traffic flow well, make the working environment more comfortable, and can great- ly save energy consumption.


Control system: BAST dedicated system, the core is DSP chip

Driver motor: BAST professional servo motor system, strong overload capability, 2000 line high-resolution encoder

Open / close speed: 2m / S-0.8 M / S

Control box: human-machine dialog text controller, frequency conversion control system

Limit switch: Multi-loop absolute value encoder

Power: 220 V 13A Single Phase 50Hz

Door curtain material: strong molding of the PVC coating cloth with mesh high strength fiber, thickness 1.2 mm, high wear resistance.

Sealing : the curtain does not need to resist the wind ribs, the zipper gear belt is used to jam the sliding track on both sides, so as to achieve the opening of the curtain.

Wind resistance level: 6

Standard size: maximum 4000 x 4500 mm


1.End buffer technology: Based on the characteristics of the constant torque of the servo motor system, the door body is operated very smoothly, and the dry sound problem of the door body in operation is solved. At the same time, the end buffer technology is more effective in protecting the reducer and the brake. According to the actual needs of digital adjustment of different speeds, fast-slow-stop dynamic changes, reduce the impact of each component in the movement stop, especially for the most important protection of the deceleration mechanism.

2.Energy saving technology: zipper fast door has better switching speed, effective isolation space, and its own current closed-loop characteristics make it more than 30 % energy consumption than ordinary fast door itself.

3.Reversal noise reduction technology: Whenever a rebound is encountered during the descent, the program in the drive will quickly stop and rise through the state of the current ring, position ring, and speed ring. In the absence of jitters phenomenon and noise control, the inertial impact does not exceed 3mm distance.

4.Crash prevention and recovery technical structure: in the event of an accidental impact, the curtain can be derailed and automatically reset during the ascent process. The entire process does not require manual repair and resetting of the control unit.

5.Safety technology: motor system 0-2000 turn stop only 10 milliseconds, is the most sensitive of all open door system.

6.Infrared security protection: There are opposite electric on both sides of the door frame, and there are objects under the fast door to keep the door open; When the door body descends, there is an object passing below. The door will open to the most open position, and the delay will fall when there is no obstacle below.

7.Wireless airbag bottom protection edge: When the door is falling, the object is in the blind area of infrared safety protection, and the door body is pressed against the obstacle below, the door speed bounces back at the most open door, effectively protecting the object below the door or pedestrian avoids accidents.
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