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Electronic Control Motor System
BAST system adopts AC permanent magnet synchronous servo motor, which has many advantages, such as easy control, high control precision, flexible control, easy to obtain driving energy, no pollution, energy saving, easy maintenance and so on.

AC synchronous permanent magnet servo motor used in high-speed servo system has gradually replaced DC motor as the leading executive component of the SERVO system. Compared with the ordinary motor, the permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) has the advantages of high power factor, small moment of inertia, strong overload capacity, and so on. AC permanent magnet synchronous motor magnetic field from the motor rotor permanent magnet, permanent magnet to a large extent determines the stability of the torque characteristics of the motor. Especially with the development of electronic technology and computer software technology, it provides a broader prospect for the development of electric servo technology in the field of domestic automatic door. As an efficient control system, the system will be widely used in the field of automatic door in the digital age where the control efficiency and precision are required to be improved.
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