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HD-817 Nematode Adjuvant
HD-817 the integration of Chinese herbal medicine + physical technology + biotechnology can cause changes in the activities of trehalase, carboxylesterase, and acetylcholinease in the nematodes, making the nematodes unable to complete a series of normal physiological activities, such as: unable to metabolize, unable to move, and unable to take Eat, make the egg epidermis and somatic cells quickly shrink and dehydrate, and then die and disappear. 3-5 antenna insects begin to die, the nodules will turn brown in 5-7 days, and new roots will resume normal growth in 7-10 days. The effective period is 1-3 months. It has a strong repellent effect on ground tigers, grubs, mole crickets, ground maggots and other underground pests.

Main ingredients:Pomegranate peel polyphenols
content:Pomegranate peel≥0.1g/L
Appearance:Brown liquid

1. Do water flushing before infusion, add rooting agent to the water, flush to two-thirds and then flush the medicine, so that the liquid medicine can reach about 25 cm underground for better absorption of the liquid medicine.
2. 150g-300g/mu flushing drip irrigation The lowest amount for prevention, the highest amount for treatment, if serious, it is recommended that the compounding effect is better if the dosage is increased. Large amount is harmless, drip irrigation or root flushing can be used.
Prevention: Use it for 10-15 days during the colonization period.
The uniqueness of the product:
1. Targetedness: Special effects on target diseases and insects.
2. Broad-spectrum: High-efficiency for pests and diseases outside the target.
3. Specificity: cross-border control, sterilization can kill insects, and insecticide can also sterilize.
4. Nutrition: all raw materials have the effect of promoting crop growth, brightening leaves and enhancing immunity
1. Do not use with a large number of elements.
2. It is forbidden to mix with strong acids and alkalis
3. Avoid sun exposure and prohibit use by humans and animals
4. Store in a cool and dry place, if there is precipitation, it will not affect the use effect.

The shelf life is 24 months

HD-817 is available in 200L drum and 1000L IBC or others.
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