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Poultry farm equipment ventilation and cooling system
Nowadays evaporative cooling system becomes more and more popular and is widely applied in poultry farming for cooling and ventilation. There are two type evaporative cooling system: exhaust fan and pad combined model and air cooler model. For enclosed chicken houses with higher temperature drop requirement, fan- pad will be a workable.

There are 5 issues you should pay attention when using the honeycomb cooling pads system in poultry houses.

1.Ensure the hen houses are fully enclosed to achieve highest cooling performance

2.Keep at least 2 to 3 meters between the cooling pads and chickens to avoid cool wind blowing directly to the hens

3.Better use well water for the evaporative cooling pads and when the circulation water temperature increases( higher than 24 ÂșC), supplement the water

4.Wash the filter once a day to avoid blocking and mildew of the cooling pads

5.Keep the fans running at least half an hour to dry the pads after cut off the water supply when stop the cooling system
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