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sinter metals products
sinter metals products
sinter metals products
sinter metals products
Advantages of powder metallurgy parts:

1. Self-lubricating effect;
2. Metal forming process with less and no cutting;
3. Energy saving: Compared with manufacturing the same 1kg mechanical parts, it can save up to 60% of energy consumption;
4. Material saving: material utilization rate is as high as 95% or more
5. No environmental pollution, green and environmental protection;
6. Low cost: more than 30% lower than the cutting process
7. High efficiency: forming 5-15 pieces per minute;
8. Good interchangeability and mold forming. Good size consistency.

Strength of powder metallurgy:
The density of iron is 7.83g/cm³, and the density of general powder metallurgy is between 6.2-7.3g/cm³, and there are 4%-23% pores. According to the American MPIF standard, according to different material formulations, the density is different, and the strength can be between 170-1240MPa.
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