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Chlorinated Polyethylene CPE130A

Product Details
Chlorinated Polyethylene CPE130A
CPE130A Chlorinated Polyethylene for Magnetic Product Applications

Characteristic of Product
CPE130A is a kind of chlorinated polyethylene with low temperature-resistance and high fillings. It has the characteristic of fine tenacity at low temperature, low MI viscosity and fine machining function.

CPE130A is mainly used for kinds of magnetic rubber stripes,magnetic stripes for electromotor and various calendering magnetic marks,etc.

Chlorine Content    % 30±1
Heat of Fusion    J/g≤ 2.0
Volatiles Content %≤ 0.40
Sieve Remainder, 0.9 mm sieve  %≤ 2.0
Impurity ParticlesPiece/100g≤ 20
Shore HardnessShore A≤ 65
Tensile Strength Mpa≥ 8.0
CaCo3 Content%
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