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Product Details
MNS low-voltage distribution cabinet
1.MNS frame is a combined constructure, the framework made from C steel. All constructure parts galvanised and completely by hexagonal bolt. Assembly door, clapboard, bracket,busbar for a cabinet.Inner dimension, components dimension, chambers dimesion changed from E=25MM.
2.MNS distribution cabinet has 3 chambers, Horizontal bus room (back parts), , small drawer room (front parts), cable room (bottom). Separated from each room with High strength flame retardant plastic functional board.Metal plate with vent between upper drawer & bottome drawer, prevent flashover & shorted circuit because of components breakdown.
3.MNS low-voltage distribution cabinet can meet various of requirement: upper in & upper out, bottom in & upper out, bottom in & bottom out.
4.Compact desigh: accommodate more functional units in a smaller.
5.Structural components versatility, Flexible assembly, module as E-25mm. Any constructure and draw type unit can combinated for meet system design.
6.With high strength flame retardant material, high insulation strength plastic panel for protect bus line.
7.The mechanical innterlock device from drawer meet standard, which has position connect, test, separate. It is safe and reliable.
8.Standard module design, Can divide units: protect, operate, transfer, contro, adjust, test, indicator. Can free assembly.
9.Use High strength flame retardant engineering plastics for safty protection feature.
10.High standardization, universalization, convenient to assemble. Reliable quality assurance.
11.Protection degree can be available according working environmental.
12.Continuity and reliability of equipment protection
Electric data:
Rated voltage: 380VAC 3~, 660VAC 3~
Rated insulated voltage: 690VAC 3~;1000VAC 3~;
Rated frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz.
Main busbar: 3150A, Rated peak withstand current IPK 105KA, Rated short-time withstand current ICW 50KA.
Distribution busbar: 2000A, Rated peak withstand current IPK 105KA, Rated short-time withstand current ICW 50KA.
Cabinet height: 2200mm, Width: 400, 600,800,1000,1200mm.
Cabinet thickness: 400mm,600mm,800mm,1000mm,1200mm.
Module: E=25mm
Mateial for small chamber: aluminium coated zinc plate
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