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Product Details
Sewage treatment control cabinet.
SBR is a Activated sludge wastewater treatment technology operated by intermittent aeration, it calls industry: Sequencing batch activated sludge treatment system.
Siemens SBR control cabinet collected data process for Wastewater quality of sewage treatment station, CODcr online monitor, Ammonia nitrogen on line monitor, SBR Electric drain valve, phosphorus on line monitor, SS Suspended solids detector, ultrasonic flowmeter, Water extraction and treatment unit, control unit, master seismic data acquisition unit, etc.
The cabinet use Siemens PLC. Can control below procedure automatically.
Regulating pool & pumping station, three leaves roots blowers,the pump will stop when SBR level get 5.5m. After 6 hours, three leaves roots blower stopped. Dosing pump will working, after half an hour, dosing pump stoppped.SBR draining valve start, after half an hour, draining valve closed.The pump will working.
CPU (Simens), DO module(Simens), AI module(Simens), small breaker(CHNT), AC contractor(CHNT), Switchgear(Guoyou), intermedia relay(OMRON), 7‚ÄĚtouch screen(Simens). Cable(CTT).
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