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Vacuum brazing furnace industrial heating oven for diamond tools
Vacuum brazing furnace industrial heating oven for diamond tools
Vacuum brazing furnace for diamond tools.
If you are looking for an industrial brazing furnace, high temperature annealing furnace, high vacuum heat treatment oven, then we are leading manufacturer of industrial furnace. Our VF series is specially designed for diamond tools and hard metal alloys tools.
Brazing Applications: Diamond tools, grinding wheels, PCD/PCBN, Auto radiator, cooler, EGR, heat exchanger, Antenna, auto parts, aerospace parts, etc.
Brazing Work materials: High temperature alloy, titanium, zirconium, niobium, aluminum, molybdenum equivalent, copper, nickel, gold, stainless steel, etc.
Furnace/Oven: brazing/welding of hard metal tools, diamond tools.
Maximum temperature: 1300C.
Effective heat zone: standard, customized.
Heating environment: high vacuum.
Effective heat zone: Customized.
Size: standard as well as can be customized.
Control system: PLC + human-machine interface.
Vacuum system: Molecular pump + Mechanical pump.

Technical specifications can be customized. I would be happy to speak to you. Normantherm vacuum furnace: Normantherm dot com.

The equipment has the advantages of easy to operate, good welding quality, high strength, and strong stability, clean vacuum environment. Excellent temperature uniformity performance (±5℃). Excellent data traceability feature. Also, it has a configuration of manual and automatic operation. Excellent vacuum, clean and oil-free. Pumps’ start-up time is short, vacuum acquisition is fast and high production efficiency. The pressure rise rate is extremely low, controlled within 1pa/h.

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