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Product Details
cnc wood router
cnc wood router
cnc wood router
cnc wood router
cnc wood router
Product Description
Woodworking engraving machine is mainly used for relief.
Feature 1.Machine bed cast iron, double nut automatic clearance clearance ball screw for the transmission structure.
2.(X.Y.Z) three axis linear guide rail, smooth movement, high precision, small vibration.
3. High-power water-cooled brushless frequency conversion spindle motor with strong cutting power and durability.
4. Use high speed driver and stepper motor to improve work efficiency
5. The unique dust-proof and water-proof setting can effectively guarantee the cleaning and rust-proof of the mechanical transmission part and make maintenance easier;
6. With advanced advantages in the industry, as many as 10 breakpoint memory functions, greatly reducing the phenomenon of waste work and scrap;
7. Strong compatibility, suitable for all kinds of CNC software: type, 3Artcam, Castmate, Pore, ventae, all kinds of CAD/CAM software.Carving easy to make relief, image and three - dimensional art characters.
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