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Rectangular Tube Roll Forming Machine
Rectangular Tube Roll Forming Machine
Steel round tube how to change into rectangular tube. Rectangule tube roll forming machine is your best choice. Easy operation and cheap price.
50*30 Rectangular tube forming machine technology (Steel tube thickness less than 3.5mm)
Motor power5.5KW
Reducer350 type
Feed material iron pipe
Feeding round tube diameter1.5 inch (cun)
Forming Roller8 forming + 2 straightening
Working speed10 meters / minute
Roller materialGCr15 heat treatment after finishing
Spindle material40Cr after quenching and tempering
Transmission mode1.2 inch chain sprocket drive

What are the environmental protection features of square tube forming machine

The square tube forming machine is widely used because of its green environmental protection characteristics. It uses less and less stainless steel plate demand to carry out the specific load that needs to be exceeded. It is no longer completely relying on increasing the demand for plates or improving the physical properties of raw materials. To consider the requirements of the load, it is only to improve the physical properties of the channel steel according to the cross-sectional appearance of the channel steel product.

In the main purpose of the rectangule pipe forming machine, the advantages of the square tube forming machine are more and more understood by customers. It belongs to the rapid economic development of the cross-sectional stainless steel sheet, which can save 15-30% of metal materials. The project investment is small, and the production is flexible. Various regulations that can meet the needs of customers highlight its unique advantages in the development trend of the humanized sales market.
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