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hangar building
hangar building
hangar building
hangar building
"1. The steel structure is light in weight, high in strength, and large span.
2. The construction period of steel structures is short, which reduces investment costs accordingly.
3. Steel structure buildings have poor fire resistance and corrosion resistance. Steel structures should not be used in areas with low temperatures.
4. The steel structure building is easy to move and recycle without pollution.

The plane layout and height requirements of the hangar are special, which directly affects the structure of the hangar.
Due to the large span of the hangar, the structural weight (mainly the roof system) accounts for a large proportion of the total load.
If the structural weight can be reduced, obvious economic benefits can be achieved.
The steel structure hangar has the advantages of high strength, lightweight, small section, good weldability, and simple manufacturing process.

The hangar uses the advantages of tents for flexible and rapid deployment, low cost of ownership, repeated disassembly and assembly, wide application range, diverse and flexible shapes, a rich selection of materials and accessories, and personalized customization, providing a cost-effective solution for aviation hangars; Design and customize professional-level hangar tents and overall equipment plans for different models.

Quick and flexible assembly.
All the components will be prefabricated in the factory before transported to the construction site. The installation process is quick and easy.

Cost- effective.
It will significantly shorten the construction period of your buildings, saving a great deal of time and money.

High safety and durability.
The steel structure has a lightweight but high strength, which is also easy to maintain. It can be utilized for over 50 years.

Optimal design.
The prefab steel workshop can be isolated against outdoor environments as well as avoid any leak like water seepage. It also has excellent fire resistance and corrosion resistance.

High utilization.
It is easy to move and relocate steel structure, which can also be recycled without pollution.

Solid construction.
The steel structure fabrication workshop is capable of withstanding the attack of strong winds and heavy snow. It also has the excellent seismic performance.

The steel columns and steel beams of the internal frame are made of H-shaped steel through-bolt connection. This kind of building has lightweight, high strength, and large span. The exterior wall panels are made of lapped colored steel veneers, with a service life of 50-100 years. The attachment is made of colored steel, which has a good sealing effect. The wall and roof of the hangar are maintained by glass wool sandwich panels. The hangar has strong fire resistance and avoids the fire. The mainframe of the hangar is connected by bolts, which are simple to install. We can provide for installation. Technical Support. Regarding the transportation of the steel components of the hangar, we use the whole packing box to avoid the damage of the steel components during transportation.
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