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H-408 Agricultural Organosilicone adjuvant
H-408 is a modified trisilioxane,is an organic silicone surfactant with super alility of spreading.It is a non-ion surfactant has the structure of type “T”.H-408 have super ability of spreading.It makes the water surface tension lower down to the 20.5mN/m at the concerntration of 0.1%(wt).After the mixture with the pesticide solution at the certain proportion ,It can lower the contact angle between the spray and foliage,which can enlarge the coverage of the spray.Furthermore, H-408 can make the pesticide absorbed through the stomatal leaves,which is extremely effective for improving efficacy,reducing amount of pesticede,saving cost,reducing environmental pollution caused by pesticides.

Appearance: Colourless to light amber liquid
Active content % : 100%
Composition: Silicone Polyether
Viscosity (cst):20-45
Surface Tension (0.1%):
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