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Electric Automatic Stir-Frying Cooker Machine

Product Details
Electric Automatic Stir-Frying Cooker Machine
Electric Automatic Stir-Frying Cooker Machine
Product Name: Stir Fry Automatic Commercial Cooker Machine

360° drum-type rotation, Non-stick ceramic coating inner, IH electronmagnetic heating, Smart touch screen

It is a professional food stir-fry machine, suitable for stir fry every kind of food such as peanuts, rice, vegetable and so on.
Electric-controlled speed, rotary speed can be adjusted. Rotary direction can be clockwise and anti-clockwise, the angle can be set. It is using motor for tilting/pouring out the food after cooking. There is a alarm bell and time controller to remind you its done as required.

1. Clockwise and anti-clockwise can be controlled.
2. The angle of tumbler can be adjusted.
3. The rotary speed can be adjusted.
4. Made of stainless steel.
5. Timer and buzzer can be set as required.
6. It can work as mixer without heating.

Total capacity: 80L
Working capacity: 30L
Power: 1/8HP, 110/220V, 50/60HZ, 1-phase
Size: L960*W900*H1000 m/m
N.W.: 85kg

It is suitable for making squid shreds, meat floss, ham, patties, fish filet, dried fruit, cookies, candy, coffee, peanuts, almond, powder, beans, Chinese medicine, tea leaf, sesame, dried bean curds, every kind of vegetable, noodles, rice, rice flour, glutinous oil rice, edible oil, vegetarian food and so on.
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